Having had experience with two Aspire, equipped with an Intel chip and an Athlon 64 chip, I was able to get me to the overall review of this product. As for the difference in performance due to the chip, my opinion is distorted by the fact that the Athlon64 Aspire is usually supplied with Windows 32-bit OS, which did not make me eventuality access possible differences due to the full exploitation of the processor.

The computer reacts well to stress the RAM and video card, although it tends to show the side with the latest games. Usually, however, gives no problems at all and the video frame rate is maintained at optimum levels. The use of graphics programs do not pose any particular difficulties in this laptop, except in the case file "heavy" in terms of memory usage.

We come to the screen: it is easy on the eyes, the color rendition is vivid and brilliant (as long as you plugged in with the battery, being preset to save power, tends to lower the screen brightness. E 'reset, but autonomy collapses). Overall, really good.

The keyboard offers precise pressure and comfortable typing. Except that I noticed in one of the models I tested (the Athlon to be precise), that this key down "began to have problems with false pressure after two days of purchase. But you only press it a bit 'over the decision, did not show more failures. Certainly not like, but given the laughable flaw I decided not to avail of the guarantee
The built-in speakers perform their duty as good sound quality in general, but the total volume, even at maximum, it is barely audible even in the middle distance.

The overall design is elegant and I do not think of place in a living room hi-tech. Tends to warm up a bit 'though, especially when the graphics chip to be called: the fan dissipates heat well, and I have not had overheating problems, none of the two models: the Intel but much less heat. The recorder, at least on the Athlon, it's perfect and has not burned any CDs or DVDs that I have burned so far.

The touchpad does not give a very accurate perception of the movement that you make the mouse, it took me a couple of days of practice before you stop to consider it "inconvenient". Above the touchpad buttons have not given me an idea of great quality, both for the plastic used for both the dull sound produced by their pressure, which suggested to me that perhaps this particular has been designed and manufactured with less care than the rest.

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