At a press conference, Acer said he planned to offer all its new Dual-Core Netbooks a dual operating system Windows 7 compound and Google Android. The brand already offers a solution to dual boot with some of its Aspire One Netbooks as the D250 and D260 in the Aspire One Intel Atom Pineview Pine Trail with N450.

Acer seems a priori satisfied with this type of solution to dual boot because the offer in all its upcoming Netbooks equipped with a Dual Core processor, ie mainly a Pineview Atom N550.The goal here is to attract consumers by offering both a processor outperforms the classical with the Pineview Atom N550 Dual Core and a second operating system in addition to Windows 7.

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Several brands have adopted a solution Windows 7 coupled with a mini-light system to the image with Asus Express Gate. But it turns out that these mini-OS are more limited in terms of features that Android is remember the operating system and a full team including many smartphones.And since Google Android is not very expensive, Acer sees this as a good opportunity to bait barge.Acer has also announced the imminent arrival of Netbooks in Taiwan with an Atom N550 and Google Android in addition to Windows 7 in colors blue, green, red and purple. This is probably the Aspire One D255.

As we have seen in a previous article , the president of the Scott brand Lin believes that Netbooks are still a bright future ahead of them and should sell 36 million units this year and reach the 50 million mark in 2014.