In the spring, Acer has a new notebook line called Gemstone Blue announced. The main focus of the two devices is on High Definition . Clear that since neither a high-resolution display may still lack a Blu-ray drive. We have the 1,000-euro 16-inch specimen, also called the Aspire 6920, tested.The tester comes in the configuration 814G32BN 6920 with Windows Vista Home Premium . When unpacking the laptop is initially quite high weight on it. 3.5 kg of approximately 39x28x4 inches wide and very pretty machine weighs in at. No doubt he can be so called "chunks" called. But:

The machine is supposed to serve not as ever-present companion in everyday work, but above all to multimedia and film enthusiasts. Thus united, the new Gemstone Blue a multimedia center with Blu-ray drive with the advantages of a notebook and offers the possibility of the system to play high definition content sometimes take on holiday or in the garden.Generally, the color blue program - envious looks from the neighbors are guaranteed. The case presents itself in the little black dress with dark blue glitter particles. The lid can only expand very difficult, but it sits very stable on the device. After switching on the beautiful look is especially good effect. Then is joined by blue-bright LEDs add, also the Acer logo is lit and overlooked not guaranteed.

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Tinkers under the hood is an Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 Processor at 2.1 GHz - the weakest model in the new Penryn generation with a structure width of 45 nanometers. In addition, Acer has whopping four gigabytes (GB) of RAM installed in Dual Channel mode: Unfortunately, this can only be a 64-bit operating system make fullest, the 32-bit Vista only shows 3070 megabytes (MB). Data can be stored on the 320 GB hard drive, which is divided in our test unit into two partitions. In the box is next to a manual or a Blu-ray disc with various movie trailers.

For the graphics performance provides an Nvidia GeForce 9500M GS, which has 512 MB of its memory and if required up to 768 MB of memory used. The card belongs to the middle class and is therefore suitable for games, but not for hardcore gamers.
A clue: In the benchmark program of Call of Juarez, it reached at a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels, low detail and without anti-aliasing 26.4 average frames per second (fps). A test with Devil May Cry 4 with DirectX 9.0 with 1.280x720 pixels and details on medium heat forced the stronger card to its knees - more than 23 fps were not there, could be reached only twelve to 13 fps in some scenes. Who is satisfied with less graphics-hungry games are, but be satisfied with the performance