The Asus-A72JR TY146V is a laptop quite interesting for those who wish to invest in a portable 17.3 inches and have a budget content. It appears in fact to less than 600 euros with a processor Core Arrandale i3, a dedicated ATI graphics card and a good storage space, all under Intel Calpella platform.

Thanks to technology Power4Gear, the fan speed is automatically adjusted according to usage thereby gain autonomy and especially enjoy a relatively quiet operation. And if the palm of the hand rests on the touchpad when typing, Palm Proof technology prevents the touch pad is activated by mistake.

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It delivers good performance in office, interning and multitasking thanks to its 4 GB of RAM and Intel Core i3-370M. For its part, the hard drive can store many files thanks to its capacity of 500 GB
The dedicated graphics card Mobility Radeon HD5470 will watch it able to run games resource-efficient 3D for as long as one adjusts the levels of detail and / or screen resolution.HD video playback not ask him in any case no worries.The connector board is very correct it with audio ports, Wi-Fi n, HDMI and VGA video outputs as well as 4 USB 2.0 ports.

Finally, the classic side screen, since the panel features a treatment that illuminates bright colors but shows respect to reflections, a proper resolution of 1600 900 and a 16:9 format particularly well suited for video playback.