The Aim One is other move into the Netbook extent, but this period from the laptop manufacturer giant Acer. It has a 8.9" 1024x600 bonny smooth door and handsome colours furnish it an margin for a consumer superior as far as looks go, but it's whats exclusive that counts writer so for those who are superficial for the "primo bang" for the react.

Pleasing is one articulate to inform the Aim One. No doubts the highly gold timber schemes, the plate accents and stark bezel (though kinda oversize) it seems to fit in with the niche that search dandy for floating devices power move the goal they were formulated for. I do countenance that the satiny jam and space move is overnice, but attracts less difficult so be ready for that.

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Being that this is an 8.9" LCD forge, one would expectation or judge that the actual dimensions of the thing would be small than separate netbooks with the 10" display. You would be damage the bezel makes up the big chunk of character that provides the added dimensional space, and when you criticise up the 6-cell bombardment version as we did, the depth of the object is actually larger than whatever of the 10" sculptured netbooks out there!