Unveiled at CES 2011 in early January, the new notebook series 15.6 "Aspire 5253 Acer AMD platform in Brazos landed in France in a version with less than 410 euros named Aspire 5253-E354G50Mn that s poster with a nice storage space and an APU Zacate Fusion Dual Core.

He wears a conservative by the use of a black color and a textured finish that is found on the palm rest and the hull, which has the advantage not to highlight fingerprints. Brazos is designed to equip the entry-level models and works with an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), in this case the Zacate Dual Core E-350 which, combined with 4 GB of RAM onboard enables proper operation in the office and Internet surfing and multitasking that far-fetched.

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In addition, the APU that incorporates a graphical DirectX 11, the Radeon HD6310M who is able to correctly read HD video. The games are however not his strong point, but if one adjusts the levels of detail and / or resolution of the slab depending on the title, it will be possible to play games resource-efficient.

Point of surprises, however the side of the screen and connector. We thus find a glossy panel which makes colors bright but glare-prone shows while providing a standard resolution of 1366 768 and a 16:9 format which lends itself particularly well to playing videos.