With 5745DG-384G64Mn Aspire, Acer has one of the cheapest laptops on the market with a 3D slab. Format 15.6 inches, it runs on Intel Calpella platform with an Nvidia graphics card, a good storage space, a processor Core Arrandale i3 and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS.

Its main asset is to be sought in its display with 3D Vision technology from Nvidia. Once the 3D mode activated via the key combination Ctrl + T, the user only has to wear the goggles provided to enjoy a nice dip in games and movies for example. The record is more or less successful depending on the media. While it is generally very good in the native 3D content for the media 2D software takes care of converting them into 3D to provide a relief effect.

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Apart from this 3D technology, the screen is in the middle of the market with its brilliant treatment that enhances colors but appears subject to reflections, resolution of 1366 768 and 16:9 format that lends itself well to video playback.

The Core i3-380M and the 4 GB of RAM are responsible for their share to offer good performance in current use and multitasking while the hard drive has good capacity of 640 GB to store many files on the PC.

The dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 425M is it able to run a lot of games as long as it reduces levels of detail and / or resolution of the slab under the titles of the most resource intensive 3D. In 3D mode, however, this GPU will be good from evil, and only a few titles applicants will pass. In fact, it is rather advisable to disable the 3D games if you want to indulge in as many titles as possible. For this 3D mode requires more calculations to the graphics card than the conventional 2D mode. However, videos can spend carefree 3D, whether HD or not.