Acer has recently announced its partners that it has initiated a reduction in orders from Netbooks to increase those of its shelves Iconia Tab.

Although Apple has got their hands on almost all capacitive touchscreens available for the iPad, some manufacturers still have the possibility to produce such screens.

This is particularly true of TPL Taiwanese Holding that Acer has ordered touchscreens, which should enable it to reach 60% to 70% of its sales targets in April: the firm now headed by Jim Wong (see this article ) was controlled between 400 000 to 500 000 10.1 inch touch screen just for this month.

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Remains whether Acer will continue to gain momentum, emphasis in terms of volumes at the expense of the Tablet Netbooks when he is expected to decline by 10% of PC sales for the second quarter.

It must be said that Acer is the market leader for Netbooks, machines that suffer most from the excitement generated by the Tablets: consumers actually prefer to invest in a tablet, a type of device they do not yet rather than just another computer, whether laptop, desktop or netbook.