If you want to equip a laptop with 17-inch format, but your budget is tight, the Acer eMachines G630G-322G25Mi might interest you.It appears currently at least 340 euros in sales flash with a Dual Core processor and a dedicated graphics card AMD / ATI.

But let's see the advantages of this model are found on the side of CPU and RAM. With 2 GB of RAM and an Athlon Dual Core II M320, it delivers decent performance in basic office type use and Internet surfing, and multitasking that far-fetched. From this point of view it is therefore much more powerful than a netbook.

However, it adopts a format much larger than the latter and much less autonomy. But it offers a more comfortable viewing space (1600 900 instead of 1024 600), a full keyboard with numeric keypad and a dedicated graphics card, the Mobility Radeon HD4570.

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Not expect miracles, however, since the latter is an entry-level GPU legacy. Still, she is able to run games resource-efficient 3D lowering the screen resolution and opting for a level of medium or low details.

This laptop also has a DVD burner but its storage space of 250 GB is below average (and equal to a majority of netbooks) but his connections are clearly limited. We find the audio ports and a VGA video output.