Acer releases new 11.6-inch ultraportable in size with a low power Intel Core i5 and a beautiful self-announced the Aspire 1830T-TimelineX 56U4G50NKi.Under Intel Calpella platform, it appears less than 700 euros with a good storage and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS.

This is the i5-560UM, a processor coupled to Arrandale that 4 GB of RAM present provides good benefits in current use, either in the office and surfing the Internet.

With this ultraportable, it is also possible to view pictures and play HD videos properly.If the games are clearly not his strong point, it is nevertheless possible to engage in securities-efficient 3D resources as long as one adjusts the levels of detail and / or screen resolution.

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It must be said that the purpose of this ultraportable and in particular to offer good performance while being easily transportable, autonomous, hence the 11.6 inch format, fine thickness, weight content much below 1.5 kg and good autonomy announced eight hours.That's why Acer has chosen to integrate this model a low-power processor with 18W TDP is 35W for CPU cons classical energy consumption is reduced.