Ever since Acer came up with mini 10.1 inch Acer Aspire One netbooks, there has been a spate of similar product
launches by the other IT brands in this cate*gory too. The competition in this market is further fuelled by dropping prices and advent of tablets. However, Acer nas brought in new innovation to provide the right push to this segment and this has been done with the launch of Acer One Happy dual boot ultra light netbooks. It is powered by an Intel 1.67GHz N455 processor and comes pre-load*ed with Microsoft Windows 7 and Android OS in dual boot setup.

The device is target at highly mobile and hip youngsters who want a source of entertainment, along with other basic utility features. The netbook is low on budget and boasts of ultra slim looks, along with 8 hours of battery life and all round con*nectivity. To lend a rather bohemian look, Acer Happy has been launched in four colour choices namely Candy Pink, Lavender Purple, Lime Inexperienced and Hawaii Blue.

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The Android boot option fires up the device in less than 15 seconds and it take all but 3-s see: onds of turn off the machine. The Android 1.6 comes with Firefox Internet browser for net surfing. However we would have loved to have a more recent version of the OS. You can change the operating system form Android to Windows and vice versa without having to reboot the device and also can manually selecting the partition. Other notable features include Intel mobile 945GSE motherboard, 1GB DDR2 RAM, upgradable to up to 4GB and a 320GB internal hard drive. A 6-cell battery pack powers this notebook. The price for this device is available on request.