Packard Bell is part of the Acer Group. Both devices work with the same processor (Intel Core i5 2410M, Sandy Bridge, 2.30 GHz) and graphics chip (Nvidia GeForce GT540M). During labor and the game speed Aspire therefore reaches similarly high values ​​as the EasyNote: very high work rate, even when playing fast pace.

Display and battery of the Acer are also comparable with the EasyNote. The 15.6-inch TFT screen offers high image contrast and no antireflection coating at 1366x768 pixels in 16:9 format. The battery provides about three hours in the working mode, almost four hours in video mode, and requires one and a half hours to charge.

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However, there are differences in features: How the Aspire comes with a smaller hard drive (466 gigabytes) and therefore less software. Although installed in two notebooks, the same optical drive, the Acer cuts with the Panasonic burner a little worse and achieved satisfactory results just for burning CDs and DVDs. Therefore, the Acer laptop is in contrast to the Packard Bell Bluetooth radio on board. As pre-installed operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) included.