The 'Acer Aspire One D255is availablein five different colors: Aquamarine, black, brown, ruby red andwhite, obviously trying to meet the ever more frequent request to"customize" their increasingly mobile and comes with a newlook Although more modern and sleek but with
more angular and rigidsolid hinges that do not allow any oscillation of the screen.

The keyboard is well represented withthe keys you can define a semi-island since the wines are very oneanother without a real groove to define the limits.This detail takesa little 'of awe, but the beating seems faster after having got usedto it.The touchpad is rather small but very manageable, even if thebuttons are placed exactly on the outer edge of the case byoptimizing the available space, perhaps one could expect somethingmore, but seems to have been given greater importance to thekeyboard.

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The connectivity can be summed up inthree USB 2.0 ports, a CardReader (SD / MMC), a VGA socket, anEthernet network connection and audio connections, all normal, as arethe standard of the current market.The webcam has a resolution of1280 1024 pixels (1.3 MP).