Acer offers a new ultra low-cost in Brazos AMD platform, the AspireOne 722-C52kk. It is equipped with an APU Fuzion Ontario Dual Core,a beautiful storage capacity and an HDMI video output. In this area,the Radeon HD6250M is more powerful than the Intel GMA X3150integrated Pineview processors and allows for example to play HDvideos.

It is therefore even more significantto find an onboard HDMI video output to broadcast TV content on arecent example. The rest of the connector is also correct with VGA,audio ports, Wi-Fi n and 3 USB 2.0, enough to satisfy a lot ofpotential users.

The APU (Accelerated Processing Unit)Ontario Dual Core C-50 coupled with 2 GB of RAM proved sufficient forsurfing the Internet and office. If it is possible to perform themultitasking, the limits are, however, quickly reached in this area.

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This ultraportable also benefits from abeautiful space of 500 GB storage, enough to keep many files on thePC and if the games are not his strong point, occasionally old titlesresource-efficient 3D can pass through the concessions.

Side of the screen, if the previousAspire One 722 was equipped with a resolution of 1366 768, thisone is sporting a resolution of 1280 720. Therefore caution. Inall cases, treatment is not bright not appropriate for anultraportable as too prone to glare. It is indeed a machine that isintended to be used in travel and therefore light environment.