With eMachines G640G-P364G50Mn, Aceroffers a 17.3 inch laptop with a Dual Core processor, a graphics cardAMD last generation, a good storage space and HDMI.

It has a very correct connectivity thatrivals more expensive models and provides the bulk with Wi-Fi,Ethernet, audio ports, VGA, 3 USB 2.0 HDMI video output, but alsoconvenient to distribute content on a TV's recent example.
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In addition, the drive offers good storage space of 500GB and aDirectX 11 graphics card is onboard, the Radeon HD6470M. With it, youcan play worry-free HD video, but also play tracks resource-efficient3D, with adaptations levels of detail see the resolution of thescreen under certain opus.

The screen is just brilliant standardtreatment, 16:9 format and definition of 1600 900 but it is thelot of many models, including much more expensive.

Built around 4 GB of RAM and a DualCore Athlon II P360, this notebook also offers decent performance aspart of a routine use (office, Internet surfing, etc.). Multitask andfar-fetched. Its weight and dimensions, however important andautonomy rather low. It is intended therefore to serve as moresedentary most portable PC than a desktop.