Acer Aspire 7750G-launches 2434G1TMn, a portable 17.3 inches in Intelplatform Huron River that appears less than 600 euros a Sandy BridgeCore i5 processor, a graphics card AMD last generation, a beautifulspace for storage and USB 3.0.

It has a large storage space of 1000 GBwith two hard drives that ensures it can maintain the number of filesand varied. Its connectivity is not exceptional but should alsoappeal to most potential users with Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA, audio ports,

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Ethernet and 3 USB with a USB 3.0: If a USB 3.0 device is connected,the transfers are so much faster than USB 2.0. This notebook featuresa Core i5-2430M Sandy Bridge and 4 GB of RAM, enough to satisfy eventhe number of users in overall performance, including multitasking.

Always a point of view graphicsperformance but this time it is able to play HD video smoothly thanksto its dedicated graphics card Radeon HD6650M. The GPU can also playa lot of titles as long as it reduces the definition of the screenand / or levels of detail in the most resource intensive 3D.

The 16:9 screen bright indeed adopts adefinition of 1600 900, the standard 17.3 inches but greater thanthe conventional 1366 768. Yet in games, more display space andthe greater the number of fps drop for a given configuration. Inmaking adjustments to the level of detail and definition, it ispossible to engage in more games.