Small, high performance sub notebookshave become cheaper and more powerful above the past few years.Consumers can acquire models up to Core i5-520UM, which takes turboboost to a consumer level. For business individual who have somewhatdeeper pockets, Intel has the more powerful Core i7-640LM in store.

Nobody can afford an i7-sub notebookand with the early hand, the functioning of the i5 - 520 UM islimited. Therefore why not bring a quality laptop processor rather ACore i3-350 M, would be best as it is cheap to purchase and quickeras compared to the i5-520UM. These cheap CPU's can be detected, inthe 15.6 inch, MSI CR620.

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Read with to detect it how Acer handledto squeeze desktop functioning of a compact 13.3" subnotbookwith a cheap consumer level processor and a GeForce 310M hybridgraphics card, though however being able to attract with the longbattery life supported by the 8 cell battery which is supported.

One thing is for sure still, this pieceof technology would not be winning any beauty competitions any timesoon. Acer's test unit looks fairly chunky and weighs in at a hefty2.11 kilograms. This is extremely heavy by subnotebook qualities. Other 13" laptops in this category typically weigh less ascompared to 2 kilograms. The conclusion for the weight derive can bedetected with the 8 cell battery, which by itself weighs 425 grams.

The casing is desirable for mobileapplications like it is extremely warp resistant. "As strong assteel" would only be one way of describing what we known. Nomatter how difficult we attempted to bend, flex or pull the baseunit, it refused to afford an inch. The Acer engineers definitely didtheir homework though they were working on this 13" colossus.

The palm rest impresses with its levelof stiffness and rejects to be warped below pressure. Everything thesurfaces, which consists the keyboard, base plate and lid areextremely solid and don't flex at everything. Not even under extremeforce. Also the level of stiffness in the center of the aluminum lid, handled to attract us.

View its thin construction, the lid isextremely warp resistant. Catching it at the corners, we justmanaged to bend it a small bit. The hinges are mounted firmly to thebase plate. The screen is held taught. The wobbling screen one maybe accustomed to during car and train journeys would not be detectedhere.