Not everybody needs to pay foreverything the latest and greatest additional on a laptop. From USB 3to WiDi, and audiophile sound to slim brushed metal plan, the top-endlaptops now offer outstanding characteristics at what can rapidlyplus up to a serious hole in your bank balance. The Acer Aspire 5749achieves a far more reasonable price by leaving out high endcharacteristics and high end materials.The plan of the Aspire 5749 definitelyfits below the heading functional.

The Grey plastic hat and keyboardenvirons have a waffle texture not unlike no-slip flooring; it is abit military for few tastes but it is practical. The matte finishwould not display every mark, there is no trouble on fingerprints andthat texture affords you enough of grip. The keyboard, speaker barand display surround are black, like are the hinges. Infuriatingly,the display surround is glossy plenty to put bothering reflectionsabout the display, one of our pet hates.

Buttons and indicators are as minimalas you can acquire, a large circular power button adjust into thespeaker bar and two indicator light under the trackpad are everythingthere is. The microphone is in the palm rest, thus make certain yourhand is not covering it if you are doing a video or VOIP chat.

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There is a sturdy edge about the bodythat assists prevent any flexing with the isolated keyboard which hasan unexceptional layout. We are not delighted by the instead clickyfeel to the keys, which have very flat key tops and not much travel -but plenty of space for dust and crumbs - but the keys are a goodsize and mostly well spaced.

The numeric keypad does not go awayfrom room for any dedicated control keys and the arrow keys are ahalf-size reversed "T" layout that double like volume andbrightness controls. The home or end and Page Up or Page Down keyshave secondary purposes like a complete set of media controls.

The prime function keys have just themost useful secondary controls as Wi-Fi, mute and turning off thetrack pad. The track pad is somewhat with the small size for a15.6-inch display and thankfully is smoother as compare to thetextured case.

It feels fluid and responsive fortwo-finger gestures as scrolling, rotating and zooming. There is atwo-finger navigation flick, but no three-finger gestures to master.There is a single physical button and though pressing at either endaffords you a positive and perfect click, you require to ignore themiddle like it does not move at everything. Like on the rest of theAspire's spec, you acquire what you require, on no frills,distractions or overpriced extras.

The slightly dropped hinges put all theports and slots on the sides and front of the case and thecombination of the optical drive on the right and air vent on theleft put the ports further forward than usual, with the memory cardslot and headphone and speaker ports on the front edge. Having thethree USB ports in the front corners is convenient if you mainly useUSB sticks, slightly annoying if you have external drives, scannersor anything else with a cable.

Though the power jack is in the rearleft corner, the Ethernet port, VGA and HDMI port are everything inthe middle of the left slope, which definitely creates for trailingcables. Both USB and Ethernet ports are slower as compare to withmany novel machines; you do not acquire Gigabit Ethernet or USB 3 -along on the 2.2GHz Core i3-2330M CPU, that is one of the main modesAcer has kept the price down. For many people, that is a faircompromise; you may regret the slower USB speed once fasterperipherals become common but that would not be for a though.