The Acer Aim AO722 is an 11.6” display computer that provides the AMD C-60 dual-core brand. With a affordable cost you might believe the Aim One AO722 is a run-of-the-mill computer with a naturally inexpensive develop and uninspired style. You would be incorrect however, the Acer AO722 has a lot going for it considering the low cost – but it’s of course not all rainbows and seeing stars. Study on as we examine more in this evaluation.

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The Acer A0722 is provided in an range of colours, though our style is a easy Gourmet coffee Dark colored that has an established look, you can opt for a more vibrant red, bright, or red as other alternatives. The lid has a exclusive style contact by means of a swell like that of a rock tossed into drinking water. It Is not just a colour contact either, you can actually experience the swell as it is imprinted on the lid. The lid is also bright, which creates it bright and very – but only if it is fresh, which is a obstacle simply because it choices up finger prints rather quickly.

The inside place of laptops computer has an all black complete. Around the display is a shiny frame while the lower outdoor patio is a flat plastic-type material – the display place again choices up finger prints like insane, but the flat place does not. The laptop key pad uses flat important factors with an isle style design, it fills up out the entire place so there is no shrinking of key size even though this is a small computer. The computer is steep and tapers from all-around. All the sides and sides are spherical to avoid any sharpness.

The Acer Aim AO722 case is made of plastic-type material, as you would expect at this price. There is definitely some fold and twisting on the body due to the slimmer type of materials used. The laptop key pad also has fold, especially in the middle where it seems like a trampoline safety.