The 5738PZG is just like the 5738DG model experienced last week. So let's just rapidly summarize the physical features of this device. Looks-wise it has a plain Jane model with its sleek blue top and black-grey color-combo on the inside. The build quality is quite decent. The screen hinge presents good battle and this is necessary in this model since the screen is going to be fingered many. On the stage soft taps to the screen don't create it fall back. Acer has also given a stand that helps keep the screen in place when the laptop's rest on a desk.

The screen is adequately large at 15.6 inches and sports a usual 1366 x 768 pixel display. While unhappy on it is quite readable, a faintly higher resolution would have actually made our day. At 2.8 kilos, it isn't yet close to being lightweight but rather fair for a 15.6-incher model in this variety. It has a usual array of ports but akin to the 5738DG model it too lacks the Expresscard slot. Not to say that many people are going to be problems by this, but there was no question of space restraint to do away with it anyway thus it would've been pleasant if it was obtainable.

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