The Acer Timeline 3810TZ is a slim 13-inch laptop derived from Intel's low power using hardware. It's quite thin and lightweight, partly because of the keeping out of a DVD drive. It's obtained decent build quality along with a comfortable keyboard and touch-pad. We can't praise it enough and have to hand it down to Acer to come up with such a delicately tuned laptop in each sense.

The Timeline 3810T has many to present a Pentium U4100 dual-core 1.3 GHz processor, 3GB RAM and a 320GB hard disk. Also the pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium version capitalized on this hardware and operates smooth while browsing the net, doing office work or yet watching 1080p HD movies. But don't anticipate anything beyond that; with an underpowered Intel on-board graphics chip, gaming or depiction 3D designs on it wouldn't be such a good thought.

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