Acer with the Timeline series Acer promises to be the Holy Grail of all day computing. But does it deliver? The answer is an emphatic yes! With a few smart power management tricks and nifty tech from Intel. This notebook manages to stay afloat for a cool nine hours! Realistically, if you whip it the way we do. It still manages six hours.

The amazing battery life comes at a price performance. It runs Intel's 5U4100 processor which sacrifices vigour to eke out more juice. This processor isn't as tardy as say. The Atom but it buckles on intensive load. However, chores such as internet browsing, spreadsheets, etc. are taken care of without as much as moving a muscle. Other specs are nothing to complain about that enables it to coast smoothly.

The keyboard is a bit different to look at but it works flawlessly. In fact, the large-sized keys make it comfortable to type out a long email or a blog post. The touch pad has good sensitivity and supports gestures for pinch and zoom. The screen's glossy but it's sharp rendering colours immaculately and is slim courtesy the LED backlight. Acer also includes software to manage everything from Wi-Fi to the webcam.

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