Acer's Timeline line-up of laptops has all fared well in the history. Classically, makers would desire to add a premium to every thin laptop they make but not Acer. These experts provided us inexpensive laptops that were thin and weighed comfy 2 Kg. The Timeline 4810TZ was a good merge of Intel's power conformist ULV processors that are influential to operate usual tasks and yet play 1080p video easily. It had a regular 14-inch screen; ideal for people who didn't long to compromise on minor screen of a Netbook.

Now, Acer has rehabilitated the Timeline line-up with the Timeline X 4820T laptop. The most exciting change in the 4820T is improved to a regular laptop-grade Core i3 330M processor. In our tests, the 4810TZ did run to survive for 5-6 hours of genuine world custom, which was a good show by itself.

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