I have an Acer Aspire 5102WLMi notebook. Hard Disk failed and I had no recovery disks. I've contacted Acer and Eventually, they decided to send me a picture of an OEM few DVDs. The files on the disks are AS5100_XPH.IMG, AS510001.GHS, AS510002.GHS. No other files (no bootable OS), so these discs do not boot the DVD drive. After a conversation with Acer, I was told that Norton Ghost V9 files. I got a recovery CD of Norton Ghost v9, but I could not perform a hard drive recovery using the supplied GHS and IMG files. Ghost wanted a GHO file. After some reading, I discovered that Ghost 9 will split large image files (over 2 GB) in one and a GHO or
more GHS files, and expects Ghost GHS files accompanied by a GHO file when performing a recovery.

So it seems to me that Acer made a mistake by only Send me the IMG and GHS files. They should included a GHO file. Is my assumption is correct above, or is there a way to restoring my new HDD with the GHS and IMG files?