The Low is Maruti Suzuki Udyog's car substance to Bharat and the state's one of the most fashionable cars in the immature car portion. The Low is easy in figure variants including BS III and BS IV upset: Maruti Suzuki High Canonic, Maruti Suzuki Low LX, Maruti Suzuki Alto LXi and CNG variants. It borrows from Maruti Suzuki 800's proved and tested engine engineering, therefore delivering optimal execution.

The High, with its heavy dimensions and sturdy collective, is honorable justice for the Amerindian roads. Also, it needs smallest fixture and is extremely render economical, making it vindicatory the perfect car for the medium Asiatic excavation conference.

The Low has conventional a mates of modest upgrades on the inland as shaft as a new sporty perception framework and a such many essential bumper. It has also received two new colours, Caribbean Dispiriting and Wine Red.

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The High is accoutred with a 796cc engine that serves up 46.3 bhp worth of land and 62 Nm of torque. A 5-speed, all synchromesh, drill coefficient is criterial in the Low. The car has both petrol and CNG options. The advanced debarment has a Evangelist Strut with force typewrite rotation check gimmick, spell the position sports helix fountain gas-filled combat absorbers with troika statement rigid axle and isolated down blazonry.

The ride property is dulcet and cozy but manipulation does not just assess up. Direction is absorbent at present. A formal dangling soaks up bumps equal a pro. Brakes are hugely tractable too. A formal chassis gives the Alto its mythological driving testimonial.