So is the Opelclearly a hybrid, not apure electric car - the clever marketing German defiance. InRüsselsheim, the American on the Chevrolet Volt is based, alwaysdelivers the 16 kWh lithium-ion battery's energy.

The range in electric only mode, depending on driving conditions,routes for 40-80 miles. Is the charge of the batteries running low,the gasoline engine produces the power to the electric vehiclecontinues forward. This should allow careless driving charge stay onwithout some 500 kilometers. Only then, the car must be either at thegas pump or at the outlet again "refueled". It takes a 230volt outlet for about three hours.

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Visible carries the e-Opel, the"genes" of the new design language for the show: withself-conscious grille, large Opel Blitz and the boomerang-shapedheadlights. The "tinny" sound of the doors, the seats atthe first trial at the Geneva Motor Show is a little surprised, to begone for mass production.

Five doors and a reasonably largetrunk bring the four-seater offers a good value everyday. Bosespeakers and touch-screen controls are on board.