The coupe, which was already seen inearly 2010 in Detroit as a concept car is powered by a newlydeveloped synchronous electric motor. Its maximum output is 170 hp.Impressive as is noticeable when driving, however, the maximumtorque. The 250 Nm, already directly after the start. This load rangeover an unusually wide.

The storage of energy occurs in anew, in cooperation with SB LiMotive developed lithium-ion battery.To accommodate the energy storage device that is held with a liquidcooling system to operating temperature, as new, used by theelectrification of the 1st of vacant space. The under the hood and inthe area of ​​the tank - the same one finds little like theexhaust. The electric motor itself is fully integrated into the rearaxle and positioned above the power electronics of the drive.

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His life is the ActiveE with fourseats and a luggage compartment volume of 200 l. To reach the neverto lose sight of the ConnectedDrive now also serves to charge thephone via query or search for public charging stations. With onebattery charge, the recent BMW plant in Leipzig are presented about240 kilometers Coupe. When secondary loads (air conditioning, windowheating) are used, appear 160 km range, but realistically, theacceleration is even more sporty (under 9 s from 0 to 100 km / h) topspeed but on smart-level: 145 km / h - for range.

The clientele of the first electricBMW Series (in 1972 there was an electric 1602 as a demonstration) isobviously limited: The ActiveE will not be sold, only leased. A majorstep towards the mainstream market takes place only with the MCV in2013.