The historically correct performance of Sesto Elemento weight owesits light weight and instilled his famous V10. Its name to thechemistry lessons: It stands for the sixth element, carbon. The studymakes the Gallardo a coming not only light and strong, but alsooutrageously expensive.

Sin and Lamborghini are already outof tradition but a great pair. To the concept car is made from thesinfully expensive material from which any future models of theItalian brand. Even parts of the suspension and the wheels were madeof carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

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The concept car is driving it withthe edges - like the Reventon - once again at the top. Extremelysmart, extremely cuneate, and no part of an ounce too much. In almostevery component dominates the function. Thus, the vertical bars areused in the front to the cool air specifically to lead to theengine-cooling water and the carbon-ceramic discs of high-performancebrake system. The new lightness of being is also reflected in theinterior. The two seat frames were saved, the seat cushion stapleddirectly to the monocoque.

Carbon is the latest addition fromSant 'Agata Bolognese, not only formidable, but it leads toperformance that is almost twice as heavy Bugatti supercar achievedonly with more than twice as much power (1,200 hp). In just 2.5seconds the speedometer needle jerks to 100 (as in the Super Sport).Significantly more than 300 km / h are possible. That everything fitswell on the road, ensures, as in the Gallardo, the all-wheel drive.