The sports car bears still have asomewhat crude name, even though the athlete crouches as flat as thelegendary M1 on the asphalt, probably ends with "e" ratherthan "M" starts,but it can already be assumed that He willmake the saving EfficientDynamics philosophy as a model from Munichever.

BMW says yes. The 163 hp 1.5-literpayable, three-cylinder diesel saved - Eco-classical three-set: fewercylinders and less friction, less fuel consumption. The two electricmotors (one front, one rear) anyway. The overall performance of thecombined sparkled with a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox drive amountsto 328 hp. The engines at the beginning for about three months in thebody of a BMW 6 Series were run walk are intelligently linked. Duringbraking, the Bayer wins back power, he can at home as a plug-inhybrid included in the standard (charging time: 2 1 / 2 hours).

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Is driven purely electric (98lithium-polymer batteries are located where the conventionalrear-wheel drive vehicle in Kardan runs) the only extends for 50 km,the diesel engine gets into the business of transportation with one,comes the 2 +2 - after the paper - about 700 kilometers.

The vision becomes reality. Thedeep concept car only 1.24 m, 1.90 m wide and about 4.60 m longsports car goes, the outfit and the dimensions of the stringentrequirements of the adjusted series, the end of 2013 production.