Background: The new MCV and the ceremony in the BMW plant in Leipzig,where because of the new E at BMW is grown. The resulting "work in the factory", 400 million € and expensive to bring 800 new jobs represented, so that in future, BMW's Center for e-mobility.

The new MCV (stands for "Mega City Vehicle") is the future. Because there is much to do to the series model, the compact four-seater in Leipzig was only with his body shell made of carbon in addition to the battery to see. 2013 BMW is third only electric vehicle according to the Mini E produces and ActiveE (from 2011) in Leipzig.

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The weight of the vehicle about four feet short electric four-seater will be significantly reduced with the (still) extremely expensive material - a Bugatti Veyron is made ​​of the same material, for one million euros net. The MCV is thus at the end of the development of approximately 1200 kg. Without the hybridization (as in the Toyota Prius ) and Range Extender (as in the Opel Ampera) generated power should be enough for first guesses for a maximum speed of just under 150 km / hr. And the range? Some 200 kilometers are hawked.