On the engine - "16" stands for the number of cylinders,"4" for the number of turbochargers - is also in the Veyron16.4 's Supersport: Only at 1500 Newton meters of torque, then to1200 hp maximum power. In just 2.5 seconds, the two statutes heritagecatapulted from zero to 100, to 200 in 6.7 seconds and 14.6 secondsin 300th The noise ends at 375 km / h, when the vehicle iselectronically unlocked, even only at 415 km / h. This will bestrictly cordoned off. Because the 431 km / h - the speed record forproduction cars, the Pierre-Henri Raphanel went in July - are not fordomestic use. But also because the special will be running Michelintires for more than a quarter of an hour at 400 km / hr.

Of saving must be a Bugatti buyerwho gets the cars with the 500 kg Sixteen cylinder as a third orfourth car in the garage thinking, does not arise. Not today, notthen.Even five years ago engulfed the Veyron 16.4 (1001 PS: no Pimpf)one million euros, 1.65 million today as a super sports - net. Inview of the full-carbon version 1.85 million and in black and orangeof the car even world record 1.95 million . Despite this, evenwith the best save teursten supercar: Top five cars of the specialseries are sold out.

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Save? The average consumption of8.0-liter engine is at 23.1 l/100 km, CO2 emissions at 539 g / km. Aset of rims (after the third set of tires must be changed rim)destroyed approximately 50,000 . Width of 1.99 meters in everysense of the extremely expensive 1.8-ton truck to save even width.