A dubious tradition - "The bigRenault" has always been renowned in Germany, which in thisvehicle class from Audi, BMW and Mercedes will be dominated, asprogrammed on-sellers. Whether the top model as Renault R25, Safrane, Vel Satisand Avantime courted in the upper middle class in the pastto the buyer's favor, both remained mostly denied him: the buyer'sfavor, the buyer usually more than the favor.

If the big new Renault in Germanybetter opportunities in the future? Its foundation is the SM5, whichhe also adapted the technique. Their own, otherwise nationalistMotherland he remains faithful not: The sedan will be built in thedistant French Korea, with Samsung - in thiscountry better known forstylish flat-panel displays.

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Renault presented the first time onLatitude of the Moscow Motor Show in late August. In the West he isseeing for the first time in early October at the Paris Mondial del'Automobile. The 4.89 meter long, 1.83 wide and 1.49 high sedan isinitially intended for markets in eastern and southern Europe andnorthern Africa, Asia, Mexico and Australia. The launch will takeplace in Germany until the spring of 2011. Then, the new big "French"from the competition through the opulent features to sell, then withbi-xenon headlamps, dynamic curve light, three-zone climate control,keyless start and entry system, Bose sound system and massage seatsreally generous and French -is easily fail. In addition, the Latitudehas one of the largest luggage compartment in its class.