Somehow, James Dean, but still modern: The 500 hp payable V8 engineis used by electric motors: support (total capacity about 218 hp),and transferred the concentrated power over a seven-speed dual-clutchtransmission (PDK) and an electric all-wheel drive on the road.Whether this really happens, as claimed by Porsche, one mustquestion, however, critical person: 320 km / h top speed, 3.2 secondsto 100 and then another 3 litres/100km minimum consumption, how doesthat work?Solution: Never all at once and together - of course.

About two hundredweight oflithium-ion battery pack (volume: about 5.1 kW / h) was placedbetween the engine and fuel tank behind the two bucket seats. Doped,the 1.5-ton truck but not solely on electricity generated on board,which is produced by the fact that electrical energy produced duringbraking and the battery is supplied, but any electrical outlet bysimple "plug-in hybrid", the Prius can greet III, calledsomething like that.

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The diverter for the four modes ofoperation sits on the steering wheel. In mode"hybrid sports"is more likely to dynamic as primarily economic. In the racing modeis still sharper the Porsche hybrid iron then the Nordschleife inextremely speedy 7.30 seconds.