In Honda's B-Segmentler drive is awell-known in the engine room to use. The same aggregate as theInsight. The 88 bhp 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine as there is combined witha stepless CVT transmission and a 14 hp electric motor. The e-driveprovides powerful thrust, when the gasoline engine is still tired,and the battery capacity for recovered when the driver releases theaccelerator or brakes. Then the energy flows back into the drivesystem and the accelerator foot is available again.

Visually, the hybrid version of themono-motorized jazz through different headlights with blue trim, anew front grille, front bumper and a modified vehicle by the end ofclear tail lights and the chrome strip on the tailgate.

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The interior's new. Germanycurrently in the compact Honda will be available as a hybrid withleather trim - a first in the jazz series in the European market. Theslightly elevated seating position also makes this the visibility,the variation of the interior pleasures the matter with the luggagestore. The level loading area (the battery is seated with theelectric motor, space-saving in the engine compartment), whichresults in "charging mode" measures, along 1.72 m (which isenough for three 26 "mountain bikes, without having the frontwheels are removed).