Audi, new and are very similar. The Q3argues the traditional arguments of the brand: a balanced style,finish and rigorous consistency above all suspicion. Never change awinning team.

More than ever, the European car wasstruck by the proliferation of genres. Audi is the most strikingexample of this evolution. In 2000 the range consisted of six modelsof the manufacturer (A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, TT). Today, that number wasdoubled.

The Q3 is fully consistent with thisstrategy, which can suppress even further the volume manufacturers.He joins a segment opened by the BMW X1, the "small all-roadpaths luxury."Vehicles a little shorter, a little less expensivebut so little different from their older brothers all paths"compact". The general public will probably find itdifficult to distinguish from Q3 Q5, and he barely tell thedifference between a BMW X3 and X1 his little brother. Reminder: themost significant hallmark of the Audi is its tail a little moreelusive, supposed to express a little more sportiness affirmed.

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A product of marketing, the Q3 does notforget that the success of its constructor. On board, thepresentation shows a Germanic rigor and ergonomics faultless. Thefinish is flattering and sophisticated blend, even if we found thesound of furniture on one of our test models.For a vehicle of 4.39 mlong,habitability is correct. Two adults can be installed at the backbut have a considerable space to his knees.