Inside the attractive receives GT arefreshed infotainment system with eight-inch touchscreen and GoogleMaps-based navigation, optimized lateral support seats with massagefunction and ventilation British high-end sound with 11 speakers(Naim).In the rear passengers enjoy not only excellent sound but 4.6inches more legroom.

Come meet some of the handling ofnumbers. Despite new comfort and safety equipment (electric openingboot lid, knee airbag), the vehicle weight was reduced kilograms 65thThe larger front and rear track widths improve cornering as well asthe newly balanced torque distribution four-wheel drive (previously50:50, now 40:60).This means that now 10% more force on the 20-inchwheels of the rear axle: land (Option 21 inches).

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As before the lift force isomnipresent. The six-liter twin-turbocharged W12 neverthelessstrengthened slightly to 15 from 560 to 575 hp. The increased alreadyat 1,700 rev / min maximum torque of 650 callable at 700 Nm. New inthe Bentley GT is the six-speed "Quick Shift" transmissionby ZF, the step change occurs within 200 ms and during rapiddownshifts can skip a gear. Improved so now the GT sprints in 4.6seconds (previously 5.1 seconds) to 100 km and reaches a final speedof 318 instead of 312 km / h. The high consumption drops onlymarginally (-0.1 liters), but will fail with the new V8 significantlylower later.