With the current 6 Series Convertible are now sharing the 0.5 cm deep and 4.89 meters long coupe (+7.5 cm), almost everything: The chassis, the engine and the wheelbase (+ 7.5 cm), together with heightened rear seat comfort. That more space for adults is still not enough, it should nevertheless be considered on longer journeys. Even if the luggage compartment with generous 460 liters much promise, remains of order 2 +2: a sports car with a raised ride comfort.

This is due to driving pleasure. At launch, the coupe is offered with two engines. As a 650i coupe with eight-cylinder twin turbo and 407 hp as well as a 640i coupe with the six-series twin turbo (320 hp). Speed of 100 reached the preliminary entry level model - followed by one or two diesel engines are - just half a second later than the 650i:. 5.4 instead of 4.9 seconds - quite a recommendation.

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Both engine variants are equipped with the new eight-speed Sport automatic delivery Unfortunately, only the 640i coupe with start-stop. IDrive is a matter of honor. As in the convertible with "free standing" Control Display. Well, really free now is not the monitor but the adaptive LED headlamps for dipped and main beam headlights are new, including the segment. Likewise, the first in its class is the BMW coupe (as currently already the Convertible) with a combination of electro-mechanical power steering and Integral Active Steering. Drive Dynamic Control is standard, the dynamic damper control and Adaptive Drive with extra cash on board.