Here's some news that will change themonotony of news about the financial health of the Swedishmanufacturer: from 12 to 22 November, the French representatives ofthe Saab brand will have the opportunity to meet with two majorinnovations.

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From November 12 to 22, is a realmarathon that will engage people of Saab dealers in France byvisiting French to help them discover the Saab 9-4X, Saab's first SUV(if one disregards of pale 9-7X and 9-2X distributed one time theUnited States) and the new Saab 9-5 Estate, the estate version of thesedan launched in summer 2010.

The means are nowhere near those of themajor promotional trailer: only two Saab 9-4X Saab 9-5 Estate and twowill travel across the French territory. However their journey willhave the effect of a breath of fresh air for dealers and loyalcustomers who wring their hands waiting for the rescue of theirfavorite brand. These caravans have already been held in severalcountries in Europe.