The emergence of the electric cardepends a little, a lot of the availability of public chargingstations. Although the first experiments show that the first chargeto users on their home or workplace. In any story and start tocontribute to the electrical revolution, Nissan has announced plansto donate 400 terminals.

While all manufacturers and energycompanies are considering the load will be mostly in the parking lotat his place of work or at home in his garage, the presence of publiccharging points did much to reassure the barge on the viability ofzero emission cars.

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In good pioneer of modern electric car,Nissan is aware of this. But he also knows it is good to associatehis name with advanced equipment, including the appearance inevitablyattracts the eye of the citizens. Especially if said terminals areconveniently located in key locations.

Nissan has therefore decided to provide400 charging stations to partners "Zero Emission Mobility",as well as European companies that have volunteered. All wholeheartedsupport to ambitious plans being developed by the company in thefield of electric mobility.