Classic beauty fades in the pesky seventh Not years. The Aston MartinDB9 received since its debut in 2003, the most extensivemodifications. He obviously has not hurt it. What is clear at theoutset. The front fascia now including low-slung air intake wasredesigned. Similarly, the headlights and grille. Viewed from theside, the Lore-20-inch alloy wheels seen in the new design, theunderlying brake calipers are painted silver and then at the rear thenew clear-lens taillights.

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The detection of a further and perhaps more important innovationswill be reserved to those who are the innards of the new Aston Martinmakes for closer examination. Both versions, the coupe and thecompany received in the jargon under the euphonious name of "Volante"convertible with the ongoing revision of an adaptive suspension, inwhich the DB9 more comfort-oriented or move with the Sport buttonallows dynamic binding and covering. In addition, the air pressurethe tire is now monitored electronically. New in the interior, too,have a Bluetooth system for connecting the phone to the Bang &Olufsen audio system.

As before, there is a choicebetween a six-speed manual transmission and a six-speed automatictransmission. In the engine room of the rear-wheel drive continues tooperate a 477-hp V12 engine.