Monaco's head of state Prince Albert II drives small cars - theeconomic crisis has broken through to the very top, go though thenobility of birth graces Mini cars do?Not at all. The first fourMitsubishi with the already brutally cryptic name i-MiEV ("Mitsubishiinnovative Electric Vehicle") were passed in November 2009 toPrince Albert II. But does Prince driver in the future rather rare inthe steering wheel spokes.

The i-MiEV leased to be usedduring the local authorities and institutions of the principality,including at the post office, the telephone company and theMonegasque domestic electric utility SMEG. Monaco will thus, withoutthe carbon dioxide spinning like Ferrari or Rolls-Royce are parked,reducing CO2 emissions in the country and thus make a "majorcontribution to environmental protection" - naive?

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Stillstands that sold in Japan since the summer of 2009, 3.40 m-mini onefor something good: Not for the environmental wickedness of fourcylinders, but for emission-free 22 Lithium-ion batteries (in thevehicle floor), undoubtedly for the commencement of the EModern-stand: the first electric car in mass production.

64HP and 180 Nm - sounds so much. But for a small car but withconsiderable torque electric motor is basically a very early age -almost immediately - are available. That's enough for 130 km / h topspeed. You can feel just as fast but also that of the continuouslyvariable transmission in league with a removable 1.1-ton truck is notan ardent sportsman. Because of the 16.2 s to 100 km / h, or if thepilot is approximately 120 km range partout finds no outlet and thecar forced to stand-bye is switched. Although today it is the cans inevery garage, but not everyone has one. And when I travel? Chargingtakes seven hours. Over a three-phase connection could refuelAlthough four fifths of the battery capacity in half an hour, butthat is only in the future - gas stations now sell gasoline inparticular. And beer. Both are beneficial to the tank-less still verylittle Japanese.