Not every Volkswagen is today - see Phaeton - even "popular"cars. The volksnähste all ever built, the beetle is long gone, andhis grandson, the New Beetle , a cult parched, but no realsubstitute. The role of the entry model to six years ago denied theLupo , then the Fox , and now again the Lupo?

Probably from 2010. Shown at theIAA study "Up" was in the autumn of 2007 had a first housenumber: similar could be the new Lupo, of the Fox sends then retire,be knitted into the future, when, in autumn 2010 in Bratislava,rolled off and the

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end of 2010 goes on sale. Whether the "NSF"(the internal development code) back under the model name "Lupo"occurs is not yet clear. Following already: three or five doors (atthe beginning), on a front-wheel drive platform that is compact withthe future children of Volkswagen Seat, Skoda and Audi shares.

The difference between the VW Groupand its derivatives makes especially the front end (headlights,bonnet and bumpers), the differently shaped tail, and the interiorwith differing surface materials and fabric designs typical of thebrand.

Puts you on the fact that the golftechnically size (4.20 m) should be kept well at bay, and thought ofall the alpha wolf, "Lupo" means, may (as with theancestors) of approximately 3.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wheelbase and1.6 meters wide can be expected. Of about half a hundredweightfive-door model is around 10 cm longer. Other versions (MPV, towncars, roadsters ) are planned or already in the pipeline. What wehave today about the volumes of luggage compartment (200 l) and tank(35 - 40 l) white leaves, long trips as a "2 +1 + TravelBags-occupation" and ordinary tank ranges of 700 and 800 kmappear quite realistic, since the start of production work under thebonnet is a more economical engine people.