Wind, Tyre and road sounds are prettywell held for a car of this size and not as intrusive as in somecompetitors. Even over crude roads the Mii functions well, aided byits supple suspension. Four adults can sit in comfort for relativelyshort journeys, although six-footers in the back may battle onlonger travels. In the starting days, the Mii will be only beavailable in three-door mode but a five-door version will bebeneficial to the adjust-up at a later date.

The door small sacs are available atfew places in the car to keep items like mobile, wallet. Space isat a premium in the cabin. The suit and complete is first class andthe material and switchgear all seems of good quality. Well-roundedvisible is awesome, which makes drawing out of spots or tights areasmore comfortable. The Mii appears more seem a larger SEAT, which is abeneficial thing.

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This is largely thanks to the highlevel of safety equipment suited perfectly on the car having frontand slope head/thorax airbags. This equip works at accelerates ofless than 18mph and uses a laser to notice the risk of an impendingcollision and can apply halting automatically. The body of car iswell and there is small body roll to complain about. The steering isa little on the light slope, which make things unbelievable easy whenimpelling around town and getting in and out of tight parking spots.

Any overcoming must be well-designedand you will require to be made to work the gearbox hard to completethese man oeuvres in a safe and relatively quick manner. The SEAT Miishould prove to be a very reliable car contempt being an all-novelmodel. Unfortunately, this doesn’t instill a vast amount ofassurance when cornering at higher speeds.