Yamaha R15 was the first example forthe Indian industry fashioned in the true extremely sport image andfeaturing a high-level balance of enjoyable running functioning onwinding roads. At present, Yamaha India has published 2011 model ofYamaha R15, which is priced at Rs. 1.07 lakhs . The company ispushing it as 'R15 Version 2.0', which matches to R1, to some level.Antecedence, it was anticipated to be launched in April, then inJuly, at the end New Yamaha R15 version 2.0 is here, it is one of themost expected bikes of 2011.

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Yamaha buffs would be experiencing verydefeated with this because they were waiting for R15 Version 2.0 from10-12 months and it was awaited that power will be enhanced from 16.8bhp to 20-22 bhp and torque from 15 nm to 18-19 nm but Yamaha Indiahas held all the technical stipulations intact.
According to Yamaha India whenpreserving the proven relief of dealing of the R15 version 1.0, theR15 version 2.0 features of spruced up looks and better functioningin circuit going.

New R15 Version 2.0's features areprecisely the same in comparative to R15 Version 1.0 exclude the kerbweight which is now 136 kgs. The engine displacement, maximum powerand maximum torque figures are same. The design elements are adoptedfrom the super sport example YZF-R1 that is adjusted from YZR-M1MotoGP race car.Yamaha fans were expecting for this bike from nearly10-12 months and it was required that it will generate maximum powerof 20-22 bhp but Yamaha India has held the specifications same incomparison to R15 version 1.0.