JE Pistons declares the elaboration oftheir Honda product business to include purpose-built drag racingpistons for all Honda B-Series VTEC engines. The novel pistons arefashioned from high-capability 2618 alloy and boast an E85 andrace-gas–friendly 10.0:1 compression ratio. The overall planincludes a flat-top piston crown that’s ideal for optimal flametravel, larger-sized top ring land, and a shorter, stiffer wristpinto encounter the requirements of today’s high-horsepower Honda dragrace engines.

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SSR Wheels’ spring 2011 lineup offersa limited-edition Spectrum Silver color option for all Professor,Werfen, and Vienna wheels. This special-order color is utilized bySSR to the face/discs just for an additional fee to demonstrate a“rainbow” effect on the wheel, giving a vibrant feel, never earlier extended on SSR wheels.

Performance partisans andracers a expecting for more in-depth communication with theirvehicles can present turn their Android/iPhone smartphones into anadvanced in-car computer with Palmer Performance Engineering’sDashcommand app. Plugged into any vehicle’s OBD-II port, Dashcommand’s virtual gauges display elaborated information onhorsepower and torque, boost/vacuum pressure, air/fuel ratio, enginecoolant temperature, instant and average fuel economy, and to agreater extent. Dash command also comprises the smartphone’s GPSand accelerometer to admit specialized features such as racetrackmapping and acceleration data, and a skidpad feature for measuringg-forces.