The guitar-shaped test-track at BajajAuto Chakan facility gives some interesting tight corners even ahigh-speed bowl and then a long straight which tracks into the lastsweeping left - hander. I have almost half a day long date on amotorcycle that all bikers in the country have been thirstily waitingfor – the KTM 200 Duke. It is a machine that is nothing at all aswhat we have till yet seen on our Indian roads. The orange veil ofAustrian charm has been enclosing my vision till yet as I attended aparticular feedback event for KTM motorcycles organized by Bajaj Autoabout 4 years ago in Pune where the company revealed few of the KTMsuper bikes to acquire responses from bikers in the country.Evidently then the exhilaration has been very tough to comprise allthis when.

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But the wait has surely been deservingit and more. I say this after having spent appreciable amount of timewith the KTM 200 Duke for most part of the day wringing its throttleon the Bajaj test-track showing no mercy. Only a glance at the orangemachine gleaming in the afternoon sun would oblige as well as themost blasé beholder to not only sit up and take notice but alsowould strength him to jump on the saddle of the KTM 200 Duke withoutwavering. The radical and absolute in your face bearing of the 200Duke is hence on executed by its makers, that contempt feeling as itscome from another planet, it has a very welcoming and inviting poisethat only cannot go unattended. This is the best-feeling motorcyclethat the Indian market has always witnessed yet date and there are no2 ways about it.

As minutes across drooling above thisbeautiful motorcycle, as it was time to acquire onto the saddle andride. Without wasting a minute more I hopped onto the bike assignedto us but as well as before I could thumb the beginner, one thinginstantly evident was the bike’s road-friendly ergonomics, true toits street-fighter genes. No unnecessary tries at making it best ofall worlds with tourer-friendly laid-rear till sporty two-piececlip-ons or a feeble effort as few of its rivals to club racingergonomics with ease in one package. This is an out and out nakedhooligan for the street who is utterly shameless about its chestycharacter and one who does not experience restrained nor threatenedby anything the rider has to throw at it. Inside the early some lapsitself the KTM Ready to Race genes arrived to the fore in a, if I maycall it, brutal mode throwing non-stop bursts of power and torque nomatter what gear and speed I was in.