India's largest automotive maker stilltoday was cause for a headache and it's upcoming from as far south asit acquires. Within the city like Chennai, it is busy planningsecretly to shoot a big sick headache with their novel Eon. It'spurposed forthrightly at the Alto, India's biggest selling car whichhas been in production for a decade.

The Alto monopolised the segment thathad only one competitor - the M800 - and despite its global evolutionto the A-Star, Maruti decided to retain the Alto brand in Indiaknowing just how successful the car is in their scheme of things.Therefore the Hyundai Eon in India will mark couple of the Alto andthe A-Star, not to refer its really have stablemate, the Santro.

Thereason rules to play in this section to date were only cost andefficiency. They were the just kid in a sandbox. Hence elements ascontemporary plan, comfort, packaging, performance, dynamics andboasts were all left to their own devices, no one gave those aspectsa second thought. And it's those areas that Hyundai is tapping into.

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Time to turn on the Eon.The Eon is the next embodiment ofHyundai's new design language and what we now know as fluidic design.It's funky and eye catching, and it's closely related, cosmetically,to the new Verna and the i10. You see the same profusion of lines andshapes especially at the front with those well defined cheekboneshighlighting this car. The sunken grille with the chrome strip andthe Hyundai logo embedded in the centre is another distinguishingcharacter.

Yet its most interesting feature areits wrap around headlamps and the beefy wheel arches. Viewed from athree quarter angle those clear lens headlamps with elaboratelydesigned reflectors looked like giant Chinese soup spoons to me. Butthey are attractive and along with the rest of the elements adorningthe Eon's face garner a lot of attention. The rear hatch area is alsovery attractively turned out complemented by the crescent moon shapedtail lamps.

The Eon is quicker as compared to theAlto by a slender margin but at approximately two seconds, a borderit is. That said all of Hyundai's efforts have been put into fuelefficiency. According to the ARAI figures the Eon returns an overallof 21.1kmpl, on our test cycles however she returned 15.6kmpl in thecity and on the highway a brilliant 24.3kmpl but the overall adds upto just 17.75kmpl which is much lesser than what Hyundai claims.