Contrary to percept and short lived public memory, have made a important number of sports cars which have been pleasurable, fast and quick, technologically improved, stylish as well might I add and this form has gone on as the mid-1960s when none other as compared to Toyota made its 2000GT.

Obviously from there on many others followed specially Honda with its mid-engined NSX while Yamaha did an exceptionally hard core 2 - seater using the basis of an F1 car with a mildly detuned version of its 3.5-litre V10 F1 engine.

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As would have been evident from this small list, the truly prominent sports cars from the land of the rising sun to carry the tag of a super car was still thin on the ground. As such when the news came in slightly more than 2 years earlier of none other as compared to Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand to make a V10-engined super car made one reel in incredulity.

So when it was declared that the orders to infuse a moment of fun to drive as well as power carried functioning arrived right from the top slope- from Toyoda itself, it have been the bombshell of the ten merely unbeknownst to many perhaps.

The project to give the world a Lexus super car had been with for above six years and a little team under chief engineer had been beavering on a front mid-engined back drive super car carrying in many characteristics and technologies culled from Toyota’s massive F1 effort and even some of their own which the project team were nervous to attempt it.