Nissan India are with a turn over after the launch of the Micra. They nowadays have firm plans to accept more pie from the Indian car market. They design with launching at least 11 cars in the Indian markets by 2012. This means that we would acquire the complete SUV range from Nissan as well as some of their built for India and traded to the world cars.

One such car would be the Nissan – Renault - Bajaj Ultra Low priced (cheap) car or code-specified like the ULC. This car would vie with the Tata Nano and the Hyundai H800.

The Tata Nano was a result as far as automobiles were referred. It pioneered a complete novel concept that states that cars don’t have to be pricey to be high-tech. Reasonable motoring is what Mr. Tata would have named it. c Nissan is one of them. They have partnered with Bajaj to create this small car. Bajaj as we all know, creates exciting motorcycles and the icing on the cake is the reason-ability at which those are offered. Nissan couldn’t have encountered a better partner.
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The Nissan Ultra Low Car ULC in India would be constructed, organized as well evolved by Bajaj on inputs by Nissan. Still the marketing and sales would be the scoop bastion of Nissan and Renault confederation. The Nissan ULC will have a 2 cylinder petrol engine preempting around 634 cc and handling out 36 Bhp. It would have a mono volume appear as the Tata Nano.

This really works on the inside as it emancipates much required head room and in the process leg room for a small car. It is purely going to be a 4 seater and would be front engined. Bajaj would supply for rear-lit instrument changes when Nissan-Renault is said to provide them with engine technology.