Let’s acquire one thing out of theway – Honda creates great cars. There’s perfectly no doubt aboutthat. But of course, it’s not too difficult to create good cars,also great ones, which begin at double-digit lakh prices. Bring thatfigure down to half that, and you’ll watch that it’s not such ansimple task. Not that auto producers in India fail at this task, butonly that the competition this down the order is far more cut throatand to stand out versus the demonstrated competition is a prettymonumental task.

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Honda handled to burn, or let’s sayslightly singe its fingers with the Jazz – a car which proved thatyou can have one of the best products in this hotly contestedsection, and still fail to create waves if the pricing is not right.Honda did correct this factor finally, on a significantly revisedpricing for this amazingly equipped and quite liberally sized hatch,and boy did that do wonders for its sales.

Thus with that lesson firmly in mind,Honda wasn’t about to put out a repeat performance when coming upwith an entry level hatchback which would go head to head versuslaunched hot sellers such as the Hyundai i10 and the much more. TodayHonda does include a lot sitting with this little car, afforded thefact that the entrance and mid-order hatchback segments account formost to the top selling cars in India. Even afforded the fact thatHonda has a pretty little product portfolio in India, it becomes evenmore vital to acquire every car right. But as we’ve said earlier,Honda never acquires its products wrong, and this fact couldn’t bebetter iterated after you bring a feel at the novel Brio.

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The Brio surely is a looker. In thissegment where classical plans are more appreciated as compared toanything radical, the Brio has all working in its favor. Though itdoesn’t have the sharp, funky lines of its rival, the ChevroletBeat, or the radical futuristic fashioning of its elder sibling, theJazz, it however handles to stand out in a crowd rather simply.

The pretty proportioned stance withshort overhangs is something that actually affords the car a dynamicfeel. Though Honda’s planners might expect to depict the stylinglike 'double triangle' or the as in the language just automobileplanners can speak and extremely some apart from their ilk canunderstand, what is clear to understand is that the Brio does feel asit’s moving forward at a good clip also when its standing however,especially when viewed bang-on from the slope.